Selected Forthcoming

Spring 2022, Blue Earth Review


Spring 2022, MARY: A Journal of New Writing


Spring 2022, Risk Press Anthology

‘Zoom Funeral’

Summer 2022, Coal Hill Review

‘Serenity Prayer’

Summer 2022, CRAFT

‘The Witch Hare’

Summer 2022, The MacGuffin

‘You’ve Never Heard Your Own Voice’

Fall 2022, Ruminate

‘Dogs I’ve Read’

Winter 2022, Glint Literary Journal

‘Office Dog’

Selected Work

March 2022, Cleaver Magazine

‘N ̓x̌ax̌aitkʷ, 1984’, excerpt from Only In Pure Air

January 2022, Treehouse Arts


December 2021, Summerset Review

‘Fifty Seven Days’

November 2021, Signal Mountain Review

‘Dragging the Sea Behind Him’

August 2021, Oyster River Pages


2015-2017, XOJane

‘I Made My Own Badass Kitchen Table and You Can Too’, others

Lean Impact, 2014

‘How Nonprofit Clients Inform Our Business Strategy’, others

2013, Women 2.0

‘On Social Good and How We Got Started’, others

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